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Video Phones That You Might Like

When you are recording video to the SLVR, are you specifying that it be stored to the removable SD card? This card contains 512Mbps of memory. The default setting for recording may be to phone's memory, which is only 9Mbps and already contains things such as addresses and other information loaded into it already. Like with the address book, where you can specify to store to the SIM card or the phone's internal memory (on GSM phones), the video storage location can be specified as well. I was unable to locate the SLVR manual on-line, but if you still have the manual, I would suggest looking under video and checking to see how to change the location of the video storage. You want to make sure that you set it to save to the SD card so that you have more storage and so that it can be removed from the phone.

Are you saying that the video is set to record to the SD card or that everything is set to save to the SD card? If everything is set to save there, then it is most likely full, or only has room for 50 seconds of video. Have you viewed the available space on the SD card? If there is room on the card, you should be able to record more than 50 seconds. Have you checked the manual to see if there is also a setting on the maximum record time? My thoughts without looking at the manual, is that there may be a maximum time allowed so that the video does not take up all the space and therefore not allow anything else to be saved. The SD card in the SLVR is mainly for I-Tunes versus video and I'm thinking that there may be a setting that limits the video time. Currently, there are 28 phones that Cingular is selling that have the ability to take videos.

The length of the video is dependent upon memory, so if you want to take a video of more than a couple of seconds, you are going to want a camera phone with a memory card (either that comes with it or that you add to it). One example is the Sony Ericcson W300i (there are also some other Sony Ericcson phones). This phone has 20MB of memory and also has a slot for a 512MB stick to record even more. When you go to any cell phone web site, look at the different phones and choose the link for "View Details".

This will tell you if the phone has video capabilities. Most of the cell phone web sites will tell you straight off that it has video or not all you would have to do is just read what they have on the phone and you will get the answers to what you want to know. If you don't like this kind of phone you could always look on a different web page or just go through and see which one that you do like.

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