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Shared web hosting hidden limitation

In shared web hosting, the single server is shared by almost one hundred user accounts, and each account might host multiple websites. This end up in few hundreds of websites sitting in the single server. What is the limitation that you will have, and what should you consider before sign up to any shared hosting.

#1 what is the visitor connection limits. Web hosting provider will set certain limits to number of simultaneous connection to a webpage, and usually its only allow up to 100 simultaneous user connection at a time. Some host might be offering more. If you are running a webpage with 10,000 visits per month, you will not hit this limits even you try. #2 what is the mysql connection limits.

Web hosting server will have single mysql server setup, and this mysql server will be access by more than 500 websites. Imagine that. And each webpage are usually limited to 20 simultaneous thread. Meaning you can have 20 concurrent sql query, and thread by different users. #3 what is the INODES limits INODES is the number of files that you can have in a folder and files that you have for your hosting account.

Usually you are limited to 50,000 files to be hosted in your account. Nothing more than that. #4 what is the web server storage usage limitation. Although most hosting provider is offering 100Gb to 300GB nowadays, its not mean that you can used them to store files or for backup purposes.

Strictly not for storing backup files, as you need to do it offline, or the hosting provider will do a off site backup for you. Means, that the 300gb only can be used to store your webpage files, and files that is required by your website to operate. #5 what is the email sending limits Most hosting provider will allow you to have 50 to 100 emails limit per hour, and this limitation exist to prevent email spamming, and also ensure equal sharing of server. Some hosting allow you to increase the email limits, and up to 300 or 500 emails per hours.

Assume that you provide the reason you need the free upgrade, they will do it. Above are the few shared hosting limitation that you should aware of, before joining any hosting plan. Some hosting plan is too good to be true. Advice is that, make sure they are offering money back guarantee, and also with good hosting reviews.

Charles Gan
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