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Palm Treo p

Beginning with Bluetooth capability, the 755p, features and EVDO high-speed data transfer, which makes browsing on the web while on the go easy and efficient. When it comes to email functions, the 755p employees Exchange Direct Push email technology, which makes responding to emails when on the road easy and safe. In general, all of the features associated with the Internet are easy to call up on the screen and use. There is a lot less of the hunting through menus that are a standard for many types of phones with Internet capabilities.

There are some of the usual feature that people have come to expect with Palm, such as a fully integrated PDA feature, so it is easy to access customer files as well as create new ones that can be downloaded into a main database once back in the office. A calendar feature helps to keep the schedule on track, and a GPS location finder helps make calling on clients in unfamiliar cities a breeze. All in all, the Treo by Palm 755p is a solid working cell phone solution for any businessperson. Pros With the Treo by Palm 755p, you get: * GPS locator technology * Integrated PDA features * Camera with Digital Zoom * Easy navigation through menus Cons A few things to remember: * No real time video sharing * Limited ring tone selections * Phone is a little heavier than many other models Overall The Treo by Palm 755p is a great work cell phone for people who need to be out of the office a lot.

With the usual assortment of Palm features many people have come to rely upon integrated with standard cell phone options, the 755p stacks up well against similarly priced units.

Jack Wood is a writer for Mobile Research, where you can find reviews for popular phones, such as the Palm Treo 755p.

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