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How To Record Hidden Spy Camera Video Surveillance On Your PC

Normally when you buy a hidden camera there is a small board camera is built into an everyday item like a Air Freshener or CO2 Detector, Alarm Clock. The spy camera can be wired which means it is connected to the DVR or VCR using a cable. The camera can also be wireless, in this case the camera transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to the DVR or VCR. There are many hidden cameras that come in all kinds of devices. But many people want to use their PC to view or record hidden camera video surveillance from their hidden cameras.

There are two devices that you can use to view and record all hidden surveillance viewed by your spy camera. This article will describe these two devices. 1) The USB Video Adapter for PC also known as the DVD-Maker, allows you to watch and record live video and audio from any of your hidden surveillance spy cameras on your computer. In addition to this you can grab images plus have video conferencing capabilities all from the comfort of your favorite PC without having to even opening your PC! DVD-Maker is an external device which connects your VCR, camcorder or video camera to your PC or Laptop. Plug the DVD-Maker into the USB port and you are ready to watch hidden camera video surveillance in a resizable window, right on your PC screen! DVD-Maker digitizes video using high quality 4:2:2 video sampling. And you can work on applications while simultaneously watching video in a resizable window.

Watch, capture or record live video from your VCR, camcorder or video camera! DVD-Maker connects to any S-Video or composite video source and plugs into your PC or laptop USB port. DVD-Maker video digitizer turns your analog video into digital video, and then sends 30 digital images per second over the USB (1.1 or 2.

0) bus. Spice up your multimedia presentations! Create digital movies in the Microsoft AVI file format with the included video Capture application. The included software allows you to edit and author DVDs, VideoCDs and S-VCDs.

Add video clips to your Web Page: Creative Webmasters can incorporate still frame video highlights or motion video clips on their web sites! Videoconference* over the Internet: DVD-Maker is a video digitizer and can be used with Internet videoconferencing applications such as Microsofts NetMeeting, CU-SeeMe and more! Videoconference* with your friends an family around the world right from your desktop! Desktop Publishing: With our exclusive WinTV SnapShot application, you can quickly save video images! Capture 24-bit still video still images in TIFF, JPEG, BMP in color or black/white. Also great for web design. With the Win USB Video Adapter Installation is a snap! The easiest way to get TV into your PC or laptop! WinTV-USB is an external device with a 125 channel cable-ready TV tuner. 2) Install the WinTV-USB in your PC or laptops USB port and you are ready to watch TV of hidden camera surveillance video in a resizable window, right on your PC screen! WinTV-USB offers features usually only seen on high-end television sets, like previewing 16 channels at once. And it goes further! Record your TV shows to your PC or laptops disk using MPEG encoding with our SoftPVR.

Record video movies from your camcorder or off the air. And with WinTV-SnapShot, snap and print video images from whatever you are watching in high resolution up to 1600 times 1200 pixels! Make MPEG digital hidden camera surveillance video recordings with our new SoftPVR. SoftPVR uses your PCs processor to digitally record videos to disk, from live TV or from an external video source. Schedule your TV recordings with WinTV Scheduler. Then use your PCs CD burner to create VideoCDs, with up to one hour of video. Bring live hidden camera surveillance video into your PC or laptop from camcorder, VCR or video camera.

With Hauppauges WinTV-Capture, you can record video movies in Microsofts AVI file format for use in web pages or to create your own high-impact multimedia presentations. Videoconference* over the Internet: Your WinTV-USB is a high performance video digitizer, and can be used with Internet videoconferencing applications like Microsofts NetMeeting, Windows Messenger, CU-SeeMe and more! Videoconference with your friends and family right on your PC! Spice up your multimedia presentations! With SoftPVR or our WinTV-Capture application, create digital movies in the Microsoft AVI file format or as MPEG movies. Snap video still pictures: with Hauppauges SnapShot feature, you can capture still hidden camera surveillance video images in adjustable high resolution modes. WinTV-USB digitizes video using high quality 4:2:2 video sampling. And you can work on applications while simultaneously watching TV in a resizable window.

Now you know 2 of the best well known methods and devices to take advantage of recording spy videos on your PC. In a future article I will describe in detail a service that is easy to hook up for a low cost that will allow you to use any of your spy hidden cameras to watch covert surveillance video remotely, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Glenn Freiboth is an author for Surveillance news and lives in Illinois. Surveillance Equipment products can be found at http://www.spygearco.com/WinTVUSBVideoAdapterforPC-DS.htm

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