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Entertaining My Family With High Definition Television

Flick weekends are a big deal in our house.  Almost every Saturday we cram in the mini van and drive to Blockbuster to get two or three movies.  Then we drive over to Pizza Hut to get a couple pies.  We have everything we need for a long night of cozy movie watching at home.

I have always adored movies and it has been outstanding to share this love with my family.  They now have the same love for movies as I do and it's the best way to spend quality time with each other after a long period of work. .


Since movies are my desire, I had to stay up on the profession of surround sound and high definition TV.  As soon as Bose came out with their newest surround sound systems, I was at Circuit City purchasing it.

It took me forever to get that system up in my house but let me affirm you, the audio will blow you away.  Everyone jumps when we are watching a horror pic (our favorite). When high definition came out, I researched all about it and was so overexcited about getting it.  .


I knew that it was going to take my love for film watching to a completely new level.  I went to the store and was so impressed by the awesome high definition pictures.  I couldn't believe an HD picture could look so real.  I knew I had to buy one. I bought the biggest one obtainable at the time and brought it home.

  I had it in my living room on Thursday so it was hooked up and waiting to go for Friday night movie time. My family decided to get Saw IV for our first flick on our high definition television.  .


I thought this would be a great movie for both my surround sound and HD picture.  As soon as we put it in, we could see a difference and watching it was something out of this world.  Not only is this show a great thriller it keeps you guessing the whole time. Torture machines looked so incredibly realistic on the TV.  It's virtually as if you could walk up to the television and touch it.

  I think we may have to make a second night of the week movie night.  Since I have the ultimate HD movie and TV watching experience in the convenience of my home, I need to take advantage of it!. .

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