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Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS2

Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS2.:Features
- New power for vectors in Adobe Illustrator CS2
- Rich, versatile layouts with Adobe InDesign CS2
- Unified design environment
- Simplified file versioning
- Greater control over images in Adobe Photoshop CS2

.:Customers reviews:
A cost effective way to get the industry standards.
Review date: 2005-10-11 Rating: 8 out of 10

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat are the industry standard in their respective applications and purchasing Creative Suite is more cost effective than purchasing each component individually.

One point to pay close attention to is the RAM requirement for this software. If you want to run just one application at a time, you need a minimum of 384MB. To run more than one application, you need at least 512MB with 1GB recommended by Adobe. CS2 checks the RAM on installation and will not even install on a computer with less than 384MB.

Another point is that you are not buying the software. You are licensing it from Adobe and agreeing to their terms and conditions. Part of the agreement is that you can make a limited number of copies of your CD's and that you can install CS2 on a second computer such as a laptop as long as you don't run it at the same time as your primary computer. I had planned to do this, but ran into the RAM limitation on my laptop which is an older machine. It can run Photoshop 5.0 by itself, but not CS2. I tried to install Photoshop CS only instead of the entire CS2 package but it would not accept the registration number. Adobe support told me that installing individual components of CS2 is forbidden and will not work. You can only install the entire package. This will not affect your primary computer since it is what you are buying the software for in the first place. But in this case, I may have been better off just buying the parts that I need and can use on the laptop rather than paying to upgrade my RAM.

Once installed, Adobe CUE CS2 is programmed to start when you turn on your computer. However, you can stop it from doing so if you don't want it hogging all of your RAM when you are not using CS2.