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Complete Digital Photography

Complete Digital Photography.:Editorial Review

Book Description

Digital photography has arrived once and for all. No longer do photographers have to be defensive because they prefer digital. Thanks to new technologies, digital cameras at all ends of the price spectrum can rival their film counterparts. If you have shifted from traditional to digital photography, and need to know what's different about shooting digital, this is the book for you. Now in its third edition, this bestseller has been fine-tuned and updated to provide you with the most current information on today's cameras that you'll find anywhere. Whether you're new to photography, or new to digital photography, you'll learn how to take the best possible shots. Even though your camera may pack an image sensor instead of film, taking good pictures still involves understanding apertures, shutter speeds, and metering techniques, as well as a few other issues that film shooters don't face. Fortunately, digital cameras also provide some unique tools to help you get the shot right the first time. Covering everything from the inner workings of your camera to the subtle intricacies of your image editing software, the book is divided into four sections. The first section provides a basic technical foundation that will prepare you for the rest of the book. It details the basics of how digital cameras work and gives you a quick photography primer. The second part explores everything you need to know to make an informed decision about which camera, computer, and software is right for you. In section three, you'll progress to the nitty gritty of shooting, including metering, choosing the right exposure, using histograms, flash photography, and much more. In the final section, you'll learn about digital editing and correction techniques, along with the various methods for outputting your images (print and electronic). If you're new to photography, you'll learn the basic theory that photographers have studied for decades, as well as the latest tools and techniques mad

.:Customers reviews:
Good for the beginner or intermediate digital photographer
Review date: 2005-10-19 Rating: 10 out of 10

Complete Digital Photography offers a lot for it's intended audience, entry through intermediate level digital photography experience.

If you have not owned a digital camera, or your experience is limited to the more simple point and shoot cameras, and would like to understand enough to make an informed decision on a new digital camera you will find the information here to make a decision on the type of digital camera that will meet your needs and budget.

Once you own your digital camera Complete Digital Photography can serve as a thorough guide in how to shoot and edit your photos. This is not a camera specific manual. Combined with the manual that comes with your camera Complete Digital Photography will guide you through the issues and opportunities you will face when capturing images allowing you to get more out of what ever camera you have.

Complete Digital Photography also provides a guide to the selection and use of editing software, or the "digital darkroom". One of the most intriguing aspects of digital photography is the opportunity to get creative after you take the picture in a way that was just not possible for most shooters with film. there are many inexpensive, and expensive, digital editing programs available that anyone with a basic PC can take advantage of, Complete Digital Photography takes you through the options and provides a good overview of how to make your shots yours.

The included cd includes trial versions of many of the applications referenced in the book as well as sample files for the examples used in the book.

Someone with experience with digital SLRs and Photoshop will likely find this book a waste of time and will be looking for more specialised books that dig deeper into specific areas. For the vast majority of readers Complete Digital Photography will provide an interesting and thorough overview of digital photography.