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Car GPS Navigation Systems

What is a GPS navigation system & why would I buy it? Vehicle/car navigation is an inexpensive upgrade to any vehicle. Aftermarket navigation units use the newest technology and mapping software to get you from point "A" to point "B" without error. Also, with today's technology, you can get this upgrade for far less expensive than the steep price tag that dealerships charge when including factory navigation.

Most aftermarket units can be used for much more than just getting directions. Expandability features allow for numerous upgrades, including: DVD, Mp3, I-pod integration, and Bluetooth, the aftermarket units are well worth the investment. Navigation Systems Types: Portable GPS units are just one type of Navigation available.

These types of GPS units are mainly made to be suctioned to your windshield and powered from your vehicle's DC outlet. The best feature of these would be the versatility. You can easily unplug the unit and move from vehicle to vehicle. Some even have built-in batteries to provide you with navigation even without an external power source. A couple sacrifices of portable Navigation include screen size and expandability.

Most portable units only have a screen size of around 4 inches and can only be used for navigation. Another type of navigation system would be the in-dash. In-Dash Navigation units usually include a Touch-Screen Monitor, which puts entering destination addresses at your finger-tip. These systems replace your factory radio, and provide control over your entire audio system. With systems designed to fit both Standard and Oversized Radios it's possible to find a system for any vehicle.

Options such as Bluetooth, IPod Integration, Satellite Radio and TV tuners allow you to outfit your vehicle with all the options at a fraction of the cost that your Dealership would charge. Some Things to Look For in any Navigation system: -Points-of-Interests (POI) ? The more points of interest loaded into the unit the better the chances of you finding a destination with minimal information. -Hard-Drive- Maps are pre-loaded onto your unit, updates are as easy as downloading new maps from your PC and loading them onto your NAV Hard Drive via SD Card or DVD. Most Hard-drive NAVs will allow you to Update your POI for your area. -DVD-ROM - Maps are loaded onto a DVD which must be inserted into the System in order to you're the Navigation Feature.

New updated DVDs must be purchased as years go on in order to stay current with the growth of your area. Now Navigation system is affordable no matter what your budget. It's a small price to pay for all the comforts of a Luxury Vehicle and the Satisfaction of knowing you will never again have to pull over and ask for directions.

For more information about car electronics and gps navigation systems, please visit: Car Audio - GPS Navigation system for cars

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